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When we first moved to Rockwood, Tennessee, we lived "out in the country"  and we had a large mixed breed dog name Sampson.  We were miles away from anything, and I was comforted by having a large dog who would alert us when any strangers approached our house.  It broke our hearts when Sampson died but we knew we wanted another dog.  I liked being known as "the people on the hill with that big dog."  So Steve took on the task of locating another big breed dog to join our family.

I was (not happily) surprised one day when he brought home a German Shepherd puppy that, I thought at the time, he had given way too much money for!  But she was cute, loveable, and furry.  She was a coated German Shepherd, a new term to us and we fell in love with her.  The breeder we bought her from asked us to give her a name that started with double E's, because that was how he liked to keep up with his litters.  We named her Enchanted Eve.  Sadly, Eve was not with us as long as we would have liked.  Although we mourned her passing, we soon obtained another German Shepherd dog.

German Shepherd dogs serve as watch dogs, helper dogs, and perform search and rescue.  They serve as police dogs and go to war with our military.  Yet they are so gentle that they can be your child's best friend and playmate.

German Shepherd...

Anything else is just a dog.



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